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Welcome to the official R.L.A.C website. Here you can get all the information regarding angling on The River Leven and the River Ore in Fife.

Our Aims

We aim to promote fishing on the River Leven, at an affordable price. It is also in the club's interest to maintain the river's general health and being. The club plans to run some basic riverbank maintenance days to keep it clean and accessible in conjunction with the Landowners.

What do we offer

Approximately 16 miles of (mostly) double bank fishing on the River Leven. There is good access to most parts of the River,but if you fancy something a bit more challenging there is also the River Ore which is included with your permits.

River Leven - Main species are Brown Trout and Sea Trout. Salmon have also been caught although in small number. "Catch and Release" especially for salmon is highly recommended. (Please refer to the clubs recommendations regarding our catch and release policy.)

River Ore - Main species Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout, Pike and Perch.

Happy Fishing! - The Committee

The River Leven Angling Club was formed at the start of the 2010 season.


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news on killing salmon/ there maybe be a ban        


9th of Dec 2014

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